33112-33113 Secure Seal Hose Rebuild Instructions

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1. Remove internal snap ring using internal snap ring pliers                                                                                                             



1. Hold the cup in one hand such that the slotted face of the cup is exposed. Pinch (fold) cup seal (O-ring) and insert into large groove. Insure the seal is seated correctly in the groove as shown.*

*Note: All items should be clean and free of foreign material before proceeding with the assembly.

2. Remove coupler exposing cup assembly



2. Install the barb seal (O-ring) gently stretching and pulling over threads of the barb fitting. Place the barb seal in the groove located between the hex feature and the back portion of thread insuring the seal is not torn or damaged.

3. Unscrew cup from barb using 9/16" open wrench and
1/16" thick blade (steel rule) or other 1/16" thick metal object



3. Insert bushing/seal into the thread side of the cup. Brass bushing side goes in first with seal facing up. Insure bushing/seal is installed as shown.

4. Remove spring, depressor, and bushing/washer from cup.
Discard spring, depressor, and bushing with seal.



4. Insert depressor with 3 blade feature first into cup assembly. The depressor fits into the bushing/seal which were installed in the previous step. Insure depressor is sitting flat and true to the seal surface.

5. Remove cup seal (O-ring) from cup using pointed hook or
some other type of pointed device. Discard cup seal.



5. Place spring into cup assembly over the boss on the back side of the depressor.

6. Remove barb seal (O-ring) from barb using pointed hook or
some other type of pointed device. Discard barb seal.



6. Screw cup assembly with spring, onto hose barb fitting. Hold cup such that the spring is in an upward position while screwing onto hose barb. This insures the spring remains properly seated. Hand tighten cup to barb insuring cup seats over the barb gasket (O-ring) and does not damage the O-ring.


7. Tighten the cup and hose barb using the 9/16" open end wrench and 1/16" steel blade. Do not over tighten. Only 25 to 30 in/lbs is required.


8. Insert barb/cup assembly into the coupler. Place thrust washer into coupler such that the thrust washer is seated flat onto the hose barb and inside the coupler. Now install the internal snap ring. Insure the snap ring is seated properly into the groove of the coupler. This completes the rebuilding process.

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