3/8" Kobra® Black & Yellow Charging Hoses

Available in yellow and black, these hoses feature gasket seal fittings. Both colors of charging hose have a 600 psi working pressure and 3,000 psi burst. Lined with Kevlar®, these hoses are tough and dependable. Black hoses are available with and without UL approved shut-off ball valve.


Black w/ Ball
Valve Shut-Off

Black w/o Valve

          36" (91 cm) CLV6-36 CL6-36 CL6-36Y
          48" (122 cm) CLV6-48 CL6-48 CL6-48Y
          60" (152 cm) CLV6-60 CL6-60 CL6-60Y
          72" (182 cm) CLV6-72 CL6-72 CL6-72Y




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