Kobra® CLE Series with Gasket Seal Fitting

Our patent pending design of the fittings features a hood that locks the gasket into the fitting with a straight edge to straight edge force that eliminates the blowout of the gasket. The barbed depressor locks into the gasket exuding more outward force pushing the gasket further into place. The depressor is precisely machined and has a dimple that guides the valve core into place. The depressor is designed to provide maximum flow.  Maximum flow, no blowouts, the JB difference.







                                  Length Blue Yellow Red BYR Set Black 4 Pack*
  36" (91cm) CLE-36B CLE-36Y CLE-36R CCLE-36 CLB-36 CCLE4-36
  48" (122 cm) CLE-48B CLE-48Y CLE-48R CCLE-48 CLB-48 CCLE4-48
  60" (152 cm) CLE-60B CLE-60Y CLE-60R CCLE-60 CLB-60 CCLE4-60
  72" (182 cm) CLE-72B CLE-72Y CLE-72R CCLE-72 CLB-72 CCLE4-72
  10' (3 m) CLE-120B CLE-120Y CLE-120R ------------- ----------- ---------------
  25' (7.6 m) CLE-300B CLE-300Y CLE-300R ------------- ----------- ---------------
  50' (15.2 m) CLE-600B CLE-600Y CLE-600R ------------- ----------- ---------------
  75' (22.8 m) CLE-900B CLE-900Y CLE-900R ------------- ----------- ---------------
  100' (30.5 m) CLE-1200B CLE-1200Y CLE-1200R ------------- ----------- ---------------

                            Replacement Parts:           Rebuild Kit 90514           Replacement Gasket P511          Replacement Depressor P90514

                                                                                      *New Four Pack Includes 3/8" Kobra® Black Hose



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