Kobra® CLS Series

JB is proud to announce that our secure seal hose is now UL recognized for use with R-410A. The ONLY hose in the industry that is UL recognized for R-410A. Our CCLS Series of Kobra® hoses open to full flow and have a low loss fitting that traps the refrigerant inside the hose to help meet non-venting requirements. The internal thrust washer ensures free rotation. The secure seal fitting itself is rebuildable with a parts kit. The low loss fitting is offered on our Kobra® high pressure hose with 800 psi working pressure and 4,000 psi burst. As with all JB hoses, the CCLS Kobra® hose is manufactured, assembled, and tested in the USA.

Kobra® CLS Series with UL Recognized Low Loss Fitting

  • - 800 psi working pressure, 4,000 psi burst pressure
  • - UL approved for R-410A
  • - Rebuildable
  • - Opens to full flow
  • - Stainless steel thrust washer insures free rotation even under high pressure
  • - Improved flow
  • - Three point contact on depressor
  • - Low loss fitting adapters available on page 52 of our catalog



Length Blue Yellow Red BYR Set 4 Pack
36" (91 cm) CLS-36B CLS-36Y CLS-36R CCLS-36 CCLS4-36
48" (122 cm) CLS-48B CLS-48Y CLS-48R CCLS-48 CCLS4-48
60" (152 cm) CLS-60B CLS-60Y CLS-60R CCLS-60 CCLS4-60
72" (182 cm) CLS-72B CLS-72Y CLS-72R CCLS-72 CCLS4-72
10' (3 m) CLS-120B CLS-120Y CLS-120R ------------ ------------
25' (7.6 m) CLS-300B CLS-300Y CLS-300R ------------ ------------
50' (15.2 m) CLS-600B CLS-600Y CLS-600R ------------ ------------
75' (22.8 m) CLS-900B CLS-900Y CLS-900R ------------ ------------
100' (30.5 m) CLS-1200B CLS-1200Y CLS-1200R ------------ ------------

Replacement Parts:          Rebuild Kit 33112RK             Replacement O-Ring P90022             *New Four Pack Includes 3/8" Kobra® Black Hose


Kobra® CCLS5 5/16" Series

Includes 5/16" on service end of red & blue hoses.
(Not UL Approved)

Length Blue Red                
36" (91 cm)


CLS5-36R CCLS5-36
48" (122 cm) CLS5-48B CLS5-48R CCLS5-48
60" (152 cm) CLS5-60B CLS5-60R CCLS5-60
72" (182 cm) CLS5-72B CLS5-72R CCLS5-72




Kobra® CLS Series Large Nut

(Not UL Approved)

Length Blue Yellow Red BYR Set    
  •  Please Note:
  •      - Tighter internally making repair more difficult than our other version
  •      - When the depressor is down, the fitting is more restrictive in flow
36" (91 cm) CLSB-36B CLSB-36Y CLSB-36R CCLSB-36
48" (122 cm) CLSB-48B CLSB-48Y CLSB-48R CCLSB-48
60" (152 cm) CLSB-60B CLSB-60Y CLSB-60R CCLSB-60
72" (182 cm) CLSB-72B CLSB-72Y CLSB-72R CCLSB-72

Replacement Parts:         Rebuild Kit 33112RKB            Replacement O-Ring P90024


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