Kobra® CLV Series with Ball Valve Whip Ends

Our Kobra® series features 1/4 turn lever-style ball valves on 6" whip ends to trap refrigerant in the hoses. These hoses help meet non-venting requirements. To replace the whip end without the ball valve, order CLP series. To include the ball valve, order the CLV-6 series. The CLV-6 series also retrofit CLE series to create a non-venting set of hoses.


Blue Yellow Red            BYR Set

36" (91 cm)
CLV-36B CLV-36Y CLV-36R      CCLV-36
48" (122 cm)    
CLV-48B     CLV-48Y     CLV-48R      CCLV-48
60" (152 cm) CLV-60B CLV-60Y CLV-60R      CCLV-60
72" (182 cm) CLV-72B CLV-72Y CLV-72R      CCLV-72

 Replacement Parts:
- Rebuild Kit 90514
- Replacement Gasket P511
- Replacement Depressor P90514




Whip End Only MPT Fitting

    Replacement for CLV Hose



  Length Blue Yellow Red
  6" (15 cm) CLP-6B CLP-6Y CLP-6R


Whip End Only with Ball Valve

    Connects to Hose Fitting



Length Blue Yellow Red BYR Set Black
1/4" x 6" (15 cm) CLV-6B CLV-6Y CLV-6R CCLV-6 CLV-6BL
3/8" x 6" (15 cm) ---------- CLV6-6Y ----------- ----------- CLV6-6BL



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