Meet IMC & IRC Codes

Refrigerant theft has become increasingly problematic in recent years. Some of this is due to the rising costs of these gases; however, stealing refrigerant for the act of huffing is what raises the most flags. Huffing refrigerant gas is extremely dangerous, causing brain damage or even death. Inhalants are the fourth most abused substance, and according to the Inhalant Statistics and Reports "59% of children are aware of friends huffing at age 12." ***

The International Mechanical Code and International Residential Code both state "Refrigerant circuit access ports located outdoors shall be fitted with locking type tamper resistant caps." These codes are in place to help decrease the scale of the growing epidemic, although it is up to technicians and homeowners to protect their refrigerant and communities.




American Made Quality

Produced from our factory in Aurora, Illinois, the Shield is machined from durable, high quality brass. The brass gives it more strength than any other locking cap available today, and also prevents weakening from corrosion over time. 

Tamper-Resistant Key

Keeping protection in mind, our engineers designed the Shield to use a spanner bit for its key. Most technicians will have this bit with them on job sites, and most households will not. The Shield's unique locking and unlocking system does not allow for it to be removed by any other screwdriver-like device, meaning refrigerant is accessible only to trained service technicians.

Protective Sleeves

The JB Shield also features waterproof sleeves as an additional barrier. These rubber sleeves protect the Shield from weather elements, further extending the usefulness of the locking cap. Black sleeves are universal and come standard. The green sleeves are marked to represent R-22 while the pink sleeves are for R-410A. We did design these color-coded sleeves to protect against the weather, but let's be honest - who doesn't like saving some time? Just another reason why JB is JUST BETTER.

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NOTE: Locking caps are tamper-resistant, not tamper-proof. Although access to refrigerant cannot be completely prevented, locking caps are beneficial to deter refrigerant theft.

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