LD-6000IR - AURORA® Infrared Refrigerant Leak Detector

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Leak Detectors

Weighing in at less than a pound, the lightweight Aurora's advanced infared sensor has been deisgned and tested to discover leaks of CFC, HFC, HFO-1234YF and HCFC refrigerants accurately for more than 10 years. When a leak is detected, not only will you be visually alerted, but an alarm will also sound. The Aurora® can be set to three sensitivity levels down to 0.10 oz/year, and automatically recalibrates in highly contaminated areas to help find exactly where the leak is coming from. In addition, the sensor will not be triggered by oil or moisture so you can be confident you have precisely found a refrigerant leak. The Aurora® comes standard with an 8-hour lithium ion battery and a durable carrying case to store the unit and its accessories.

LD-6000IR Features:

- Infrared sensor life tested to last greater than 10 years

- Extremely accurate for all CFC, HFC, HFO-1234YF and HCFC blend refrigerants
- Sensitivity can be programmed to high, medium and low
- Accurate to 0.15 oz/year
- Eight segment easy-to-read LED display
- Peak function stores the highest change in refrigerant concentration achieved while continuing to detect leaks
- Convenient carrying case
- 8-Hour lithium ion battery
- Visual and audible alerts
- Won't trigger on oil or moisture
- Magnetic hanger
- Meets SAE J2791 Leak Detection Standard
- Designed in the USA and Manufactured in Hong Kong

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