LDC-4000 - Combustible Gas & HC Refrigerant Leak Detector


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The new, easy-to-use LDC-4000 Combustible Gas & HC Refrigerant Leak Detector has a solid state heated sensor for high sensitivity to all HC refrigerants and combustible gases including Methane (Natural Gas), Propane (R-290), Isobutene (R-600a), Butane, (LPG), Ethane (R-170), as well as Acetylene, Methanol, Acetone, Gasoline and others. The LDC-4000 has a sensor life of over 300 hours and an instantaneous response time of detecting leaks as low as 5ppm of Methane.

The LDC-4000’s intuitive technology features automatic calibration and is operated with one on/off power and sensitivity button. It’s long, flexible probe allows for easy access into hard to reach places.

The detector is certified by the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) to be Intrinsically Safe in a combustible atmosphere. 

LDC-4000 Features:

- Long life, stable sensor

- 2 year warranty

- Audible alarm

- Automatic calibration and reset to ambient

- Comfortable Sanoprene grip

- Intrinsically Safe Certified

- < 5 PPM Methane sensitivity

- Assembled in USA

LDC-4000 Operating Manual

LDC-4000 Flyer

Working Safely with HC Refrigerants