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Aurora, IL (July 17, 2013) JB Industries, a leading US manufacturer of HVAC/R tools and equipment, is proud to announce the launch of The Shield™ Refrigerant Locking Cap.

“We are proud to introduce what we believe is the best refrigerant locking cap on the market.” said Jeff Cherif, President of JB Industries. “The Shield takes the locking cap to the next level by providing a stronger safeguard against tampering, adding a waterproofing feature and streamlining to one single key. With the increase of deaths due to huffing and the rise of refrigerant theft, we knew we had to provide our loyal customers with a product they can trust.“

The Shield’s inner and outer caps are 100% US high quality C360 alloy brass. The caps were designed by JB Industries engineering team and are machined at the JB headquarters in Aurora, IL. The Shield Refrigerant Locking cap comes with a color-coded rubberized sleeve to protect the cap against outside elements as well as allows for easy identification of refrigerants.

The Shield is machined to only be opened with a tamper resistant bit that is available to licensed HVAC/R techs and electricians. It is a non-proprietary key but it is not as accessible or readily available as other locking caps’ keys on the market.

“We wanted to appeal to contractors who get frustrated if they do not have a cap’s proprietary key and most contractors will have the tamper resistant bit to unlock The Shield. We have also included a bit with most of our packs,” explained David Madden, Director of Engineering.

The Shield Refrigerant Locking Cap meets IMC (International Mechanical Code) 1101.10 and IRC (International Residential Code) M1411.6 that require locking caps on all outdoor service ports. The Shield is ready to protect homeowners against refrigerant theft and huffing related injuries.

About JB Industries JB Industries is the premier manufacturer of American made HVAC/R products. For over 40 years, JB has been committed to producing products of the highest quality while providing exceptional customer service. JB products have proudly been made in America since its inception in 1967, with “Made in America” an essential part of the company’s philosophy.

To learn more about JB’s dependable products and company history, visit www.jbind.com.