JB Industries Scores the ACHR the News Dealer Design Gold and Silver Awards for the F6 Refrigerant Recovery Machine & LED Backlit Gauges

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Aurora, IL (July 27th, 2016) JB Industries, a leading US manufacturer of HVAC/R tools and equipment, has been awarded the Gold Dealer Design Award for the F6 Refrigerant Recovery Machine and the Silver Dealer Design Award for the LED Backlit Gauges by one of the industry’s leading publications, ACHR the NEWS.

The Dealer Design Awards are judged annually by 20 contractors from across the United States that evaluate products based on features that assist in installation, maintenance and service of installed products in 13 unique categories.

“Bringing home the Gold and Silver for our F6 Recovery Machine and Backlit LED Gauges is a testament to our dedication to continually investing in engineering and technology. Our engineers work diligently to design high quality, reliable products that make contractors’ jobs easier,” said Jeff Cherif, President and Owner of JB Industries. “We are pleased that our first foray into recovery has been well received by our customers. By listening to their demands, our team developed a machine that is simple to use, excels in extreme heat and is backed by a 3 year over-the-counter warranty.”

JB’s F6 has taken recovery to the next level since it hit the market earlier this year and receiving the Gold Dealer Design Award in the Refrigeration and Ice Machines Category solidifies its position as the gold standard when it comes to recovery.

“I’ve been at this awhile, and the F6 is probably the easiest recovery unit to use I’ve ever come across,” said Ken Smith, President of Modern Heating Air Conditioning & Commercial Refrigeration Inc. based in Sparks, Nevada. “It’s very straight forward with only two knobs – recovery and purge. Some of the other units I’ve used over the years have been a little cumbersome and a little less user-friendly. For what we do, the F6 works very well.“

The F6 Refrigerant Recovery Machine features a full one horsepower motor, micro-channel condenser, over-sized cooling fan and a powerful dual piston compressor. It is designed to allow users to self-purge without changing hoses. The F6 recovers at industry leading rates because it is built to be able to handle hot temperatures and the 1 horsepower motor has the power to get large jobs done quickly.

JB’s Backlit LED Gauges won the Silver Dealer Design Award in the Components and Accessories category. The gauges are backlit by LED lights to illuminate the gauge’s face for legibility in dark and cramped environments. The 3 1/8 inch gauges feature a sturdy metal case, have an easily accessible on-off rocker switch and are assembled in the United States. The replaceable 3-V lithium coin-cell battery provides an average battery life of over 250 hours ensuring techs aren’t left in the dark.

“Since techs often work in less-than-desirable conditions, having LED gauges allows them to not have to bother with holding a flashlight in their hands or mouths,” said David Madden, JB Industries’ Chief Information Officer. “Also, in extremely hot regions, techs may choose to work at night, making the gauges the perfect accessory to help get their job done.”

To learn more about our 2016 Dealer Design Award winners the F6 Refrigerant Recovery Machine and Backlit LED gauges, please visit jbind.com.

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