Digital Manifolds

REVOLVER 4-Valve Digital Manifold

With the REVOLVER Digital Manifold, get the most accurate and reliable readings in any environment. Our ball valve style manifold is made from American forged brass, with a quarter-turn full open/close handle and 3/8" bore for faster evacuation. The transflective display is simple & easy-to-navigate so you can read accurately, even in direct sunlight. Plus, the included 60" CCLE4-60 KOBRA® hose set (4 pack) makes this perfect for professional HVACR technicians. Get precision, accuracy & speed with the REVOLVER Digital Manifold—the ultimate HVACR tool.

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CLE Series KOBRA Gasket Seal Hose PART NO. CCLE4-60 Description 60"(152cm) 1/4" x 1/4" Gasket seal hose set with 3/8" black hose
Digital Manifold Protective Carrying Case PART NO. DM4-CS Description 4-Valve Digital manifold carrying case that allows for storage with connected hoses
DM4-R REVOLVER 4-Valve Digital Manifold PART NO. DM4-R Description 4-Valve digital manifold w/CCLE4-60 hose set and case