Digital Manifolds

REVOLVER Wireless 4-Valve Digital Manifold

Make your HVAC/R work easier and faster with the REVOLVER Wireless Digital Manifold from JB Industries. Our intuitive, easy-to-navigate menu and transflective display give you clear readings in direct sunlight, while our laser welded stainless steel transducers and universal K-Type clamp thermocouples accurately measure high side and low side pressures and temperatures. Take your work to the next level by connecting the wireless temperature clamps and psychrometer to get live readings. Document measurements in the JB GO app or the measureQuick app. Comes with blow-molded carrying case and set of 4-hoses. Plus our protective boot and water-resistant design make sure your ready for the rigors of the field.

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CLIMATE CLASS DM4-RW REVOLVER 4-Valve Wireless Digital Manifold PART NO. DM4-RW Description REVOLVER Wireless Digital Manifold 4-valve brass
CLE Series KOBRA Gasket Seal Hose PART NO. CCLE4-60 Description 60"(152cm) 1/4" x 1/4" Gasket seal hose set with 3/8" black hose
DM4 Digital Manifold Protective Carrying Case PART NO. DM4-CS Description 4-Valve Digital manifold carrying case that allows for storage with connected hoses