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DM4 Wireless Digital Manifolds

Take your HVACR diagnosis to the next level with the Wireless Digital Manifolds. These American-made, heavy-duty forged manifolds have a sleek design and advanced features like the transflective display that makes it super easy to read, even in direct sunlight. They calculates superheat, subcooling, vapor and liquid saturation–saving you time and money. Plus, wirelessly connect to the JB GO app or the measureQuick app to document your measurements. Pair these HVACR digital manifolds with the wireless pipe temperature clamps and wireless psychrometers to get the most accurate diagnosis you can. Get ready to revolutionize your work with the ZEPPELIN or REVOLVER DM4 Wireless Digital Manifolds!

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DM4-ZW ZEPPELIN 4-Valve Wireless Digital Manifold PART NO. DM4-ZW Description ZEPPELIN® Wireless Digital Manifold
DM4-RW REVOLVER 4-Valve Wireless Digital Manifold PART NO. DM4-RW Description REVOLVER® Wireless Digital Manifold 4-valve brass