Brass Fittings

Flare x Male Pipe x Flare Tee

Product Number: T3-10D

5/8" x 1/2" x 5/8"

American Made Brass
JB uses the most premium level of C360 and C370 brass. This gives our brass fittings and access valves high tensile strength while resisting corrosion. Because we machine under one roof in our Aurora, IL factory, JB can control and ensure that you will consistently have quality fittings and valves. JB takes pride in our US manufacturing facility and we machine to the strict guidelines of the AHRI to ensure proper sealing of the valve and core surfaces. Many of our competitors’ import fittings that use lower quality brass with lower copper content, resulting in higher failure rates.
Brass Fittings/Access Valves/ Caps & Couplers
For use with copper, brass, aluminum, steel, and plastic tube provided and acceptable flare could be generated with the material.
Vacuum and pressures of 5,000 psi can be handled depending upon the size, material, and conditions. The valve core is typically the limiting restriction at 800 psi max. working pressure.
Long nuts are recommended when vibration is a factor. Tubing should be double-flared in extreme applications to minimize flare thinning on over-tightening.
Fittings listed generally comply with SAE, ASA, ASME, and MS standards; however, when design makes dimensions critical, please contact customer service for samples and/or prints for testing and evaluation.
Pipe sizes listed are standard nominal pipe size and threads are to dry seal taper pipe standards.
JB provides flare fitting to SAE Standard J513 whenever possible. Slight deviations can occur when full compliance fittings are not available.
Most heavy-duty ACR tube fittings conform to SAE, ASA, and AHRI Standards for hydraulic, marine, and refrigeration service.
Long dry seal pipe threads minimize leakage and provide more clearance for tightening flare nuts.
Shapes, elbows, tees, etc., are made from brass forgings to maximize strength and eliminate cracks.
Our access fittings have generous counter bores to allow for the removal of the core if the flare becomes damaged.
Many tees and crosses are tapped to receive and access core in all 1/4" SAE flare ends.
Most valves are equipped with cap and one valve core (braze type, loosely assembled).
Temperature range -20 degrees to +220 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 121.1 degrees Celsius).
Valve core utilizes materials that can be used with most refrigerants including R410A.
Resistant to oils, alkylates, and diluted mineral acids.
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