Limited Warranty

All JB Industries, Inc. tools are warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase with the following exceptions:

Leak Detectors (LD-5000, LD-3000, LDC-4000): 2 years

ATLAS® Scales: DS-250, DS-20000, DS-20000S 2 years, DS-5000 1 year

CO2 Manifold (30744): 3 years

Recovery: F6-DP 3 years OTC, F6-BOOST 1 year OTC

Vacuum Pumps: PLATINUM® 2 years OTC, PLATINUM® BEAST 2 years OTC, PLATINUM® FLEX 1 year OTC, ELIMINATOR® 2 years OTC, Rebuilt Vacuum Pumps 6 months, and Out of Warranty Vacuum Pump Repairs 90 days.

JB tools are guaranteed when used in accordance with guidelines and recommendations. Warranty is limited to the repair, replacement, or credit at invoice price, (our option) of tools which, in our opinion, are defective due to workmanship and/or materials. In no instance will we allow charges for labor, expense, or consequential damage. Repairs performed on items out of warranty will be invoiced on a nominal basis; contact wholesaler for details. Additional tool warranty information available online at

NO WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Technical information, recommendations, and advice as to properties and usages of materials, design, installation, and use of tools, engineering, and other matters are provided as an accommodation and are intended only as suggestions. Although they are believed to be accurate, based on JB’s knowledge and experience, JB assumes no obligation or liability for any results obtained in their use or application, and they are not to be construed as establishing any warranty, express or implied. In no event shall JB be liable for claims for any damages whatsoever (whether direct, foreseeable, consequential or special) suffered by buyer or anyone else arising out of any breach by JB. JB makes no warranty to those defined as consumers in the Magnuson-Moss Warranty-Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act.

Disclaimers: All tool items pictured, described, or otherwise displayed herein are subject to change, alteration, and/or modification at any time by JB Industries, Inc. The terms and conditions for the purchase of JB Industries, Inc. tools are subject to change, alteration, and/or modification at any time by JB Industries, Inc. and will be made available upon request to JB Industries Inc. and shall be provided to customers of JB Industries, Inc. at time of purchase.

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Warranty: Applies ONLY to newly purchased F6™ Refrigerant Recovery Unit (3 year OTC), PLATINUM® Vacuum Pumps (2 year OTC), ELIMINATOR® Vacuum Pumps (2 year OTC), and PLATINUM® FLEX Vacuum Pumps (1 year OTC). OTC Warranty is limited to manufacturing defects and is VOID if the problem has been determined to be caused by abuse or misuse.

Lifetime Manifold Bar Warranty: Manifold bar only has a lifetime warranty, while the components, i.e. gauges, hoses, handles, hose holders, etc. are covered under the limited warranty policy.

For Professional Use Only: JB manifolds and tools are designed for use by technically trained HVAC/R service engineers only. Due to the high pressures encountered in all systems that manifolds will be used on, plus the dangers due to the physical and chemical nature of refrigerants and oils present in all systems, misapplication could result in injury or death.

Return for Repair

JB provides reliable, superior quality tools—However, in the event your instrument requires repair, you are required to contact JB Customer Service Department to obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number. 

Ensure that all returned tools are packed to avoid damage in shipment. Warranty claims for items damaged in transit will not be honored. Refrain from applying stickers or strong tape on tool face as item may be returned with no manufacturer defects. Paperwork should be placed in a separate plastic bag and should include JB’s assigned RGA number, a description of the problem, copy of invoice, and any customer assigned repair or purchase order number, if applicable. Please provide contact information (name/address/phone/email) of whom to inform of package receipt as well as the person authorized to accept repair charges should the warranty be void. Tool returns for repair will not be accepted without an RGA number from JB Industries. 

Contact Customer Service for RGA number:

800.323.0811 Toll 630.851.9444 Tel
800.552.5593 Toll Fax 630.851.9448 Fax

Tools should be shipped with freight prepaid to:

JB Industries
601 N. Farnsworth Ave.
Aurora, IL 60505 USA

Vacuum Pumps: 1 and 2 Year OTC warranties

All warranty statements apply to the PLATINUM® (2-year OTC), PLATINUM® FLEX (1-year OTC), and eliminator® (2-year OTC) pumps.

JB Industries vacuum pumps are warrantied to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for period indicated from the date of purchase. This warranty applies to all repairable instruments that have not been tampered with or damaged through improper use including unauthorized opening of the unit.

Pumps received within warranty period are assessed upon arrival at the JB Industries facility to determine warranty coverage. Wholesaler will be notified of warranty coverage determination. Over-the-counter warranty applies only to manufacturing defects and is VOID if determination has been deemed tool misuse.

To eliminate unnecessary returns and/or costly repairs, verify oil has been changed, and proper pump operation guidelines have been followed prior to requesting a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number.


Check for signs of misuse

A. Housing area
B. Broken base
C. Trap
D. Damage to fins or drain valve
E. Sight glass
F. Damage or dents to pump body
G. Broken or bent handle
H. Damaged or missing intake valve

Reasons for Void of Warranty

• Improper usage of the pump and pump oil
• Oil has not been changed
• Corrosive substances and/or contaminants found in pump
• The pump has been damaged, altered, or components have been removed or are missing

To ensure that no additional charges are incurred due to improper packaging:

1. Drain all oil from pump and close off valves.

2. Place pump in a sealed plastic bag.

3. Package pump in a cushioned bottom carton with packing paper. Be sure to secure and protect pump in carton on all sides. Do not use packing peanuts.

4. Include RGA number issued by JB Industries and supporting paperwork with detailed description of issue in a sealed, separate plastic bag.

5. If an estimate is required, be sure to specify in documentation and include contact information (name/address/phone/email).

F6-DP: 3 year OTC warranty

JB Industries warrants the F6-DP Refrigerant Recovery Machine to be free from defects of materials or workmanship for three years from the date of purchase. JB Industries does not warrant any machine that has been subjected to misuse, negligence, or accident, or has been repaired or altered by anyone other than JB Industries.

The compressor is warrantied for a period of three years by the manufacturer. To keep this warranty in force, a filter (included) must be used on the inlet port or hose at all times to prevent particulates from entering the compressor. Failure to use the included filter will void the compressor warranty.

JB Industries liability is limited to repairing or replacing, at its option, a defective machine or part. If a defect arises, a valid claim must be received by JB Industries, with transportation prepaid, no later than thirty (30) days after the warranty period expires. JB Industries will determine whether the machine has malfunctioned due to defective materials or workmanship.