5/16" Vacuum Rated Valve Core Removal Tool with Slide Valve Side Port

Product Number: A32535SV

Slide Valve Core Removal

Designed with the daily job of technicians in mind—The Dealer Design Award Winning A32525SV* valve core removal tool utilizes an additional slide valve side port to accommodate a vacuum gauge.
Primary function is to remove and replace the valve core under pressure and/or to remove valve cores in refrigeration systems to increase evacuation and charging performance.
Swap out damaged valve cores under pressurized air conditioning and refrigeration systems for much faster evacuation
Slide valve side port valve provides an excellent location to attach a vacuum gauge so system can be checked for absence of moisture and air
Slide valve side port provides an easy open/close so vacuum gauge can be removed without the introduction of air into the system before charging
Protect sensitive vacuum gauge sensors when left on during the charging process by closing slide valve side port
In-line actuated handle with the valve allowing the contractor to open and close the valve in tight areas with a single finger
Uses a series of o-rings and precision machining to stay sealed and not leak during evacuation
Solid brass construction with the tip machined from A2 tool steel extends product life
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