CoreMax Rapid Charge and Evacuation System

CoreMax High-Flow Valves

Product Number: CM-VC010

High-Flow Valves with Caps (10 pack)

Imagine a System with No Process Tubes or Schrader Valves. With no process tubes you have no inline pinching or brazing, improving the quality and line throughput. The CoreMax system eliminates process tubes and Schrader valves replacing them with a removable high flow valve. For units with process tubes and Schrader valves you may be able to reduce the cost of your refrigeration unit by replacing them with CoreMax. As a side benefit to eliminating process tubes, you may eliminate one or more brazed joints which are a potential leak path. This revolutionary method gives you the choice of how you want to test, fill and evacuate your systems. Based on your need CoreMax can be implemented into your manufacturing process in one of the following ways:
Easiest to Implement, Lowest Tool Cost
Processing through the high flow CoreMax valve is as fast as most 1/4” process tubes and connectors. Therefore with the additional flow, and dramatically better sealing, it is possible to process directly through the valve. The valve is installed at the beginning of the refrigeration unit assembly and a SnapMate connector is used at every station.
- Easy to use connector at every process station
- Automatic valve shut off on both sides of connection
- Lowest tool cost
Shortest Processing Time
Processing through the seat with the CoreMax valve removed is the way to evacuate and charge refrigeration systems. Processing through the seat allows for the greatest flow and therefore the shortest processing time. At the evacuation stations the Core Insertion tool is used to first evacuate the unit and then insert the CoreMax valve when evacuation is complete. A SnapMate connector or a charge gun connector is then used at the charging station.
- Higher flow improves vacuum quality to maximize SEER rating
- Shortest evacuation time for:
- FasTest line throughput
- Fewer evacuation stations freeing up floor space
Improved Field Service
The CoreMax System is compatible with commonly used service connectors and caps. The CoreMax valve uses the same thread, taper and sealing surface as standard refrigeration access valves. Service technicians do not need to buy special tools, but with evacuation rates as fast as most 1/4” process tubes and connectors they will want to. Using the SnapMate Service connector with the CoreMax high-flow access valve allows field evacuation rates to be as fast as production rates, dramatically reducing service
Schrader style access valves have two leak paths and poor tolerance control making them prone to leaks. They have a sleeve seal between the valve core and the seat and and additional elastomer seal on the valve. The CoreMax valve core uses one elastomer to seal both the valve and the seat and also has a metal to metal seal for redundancy on the seat. The valve core pin positioning is manufactured to exacting tolerances for consistent sealing and valve opening. For use with existing service tools and caps, it has the same (7/16-20) thread, taper and sealing surface as commonly used on refrigeration valves (ANSI/AHRI standard 720-2002).
View or download the appropriate installation instructions for the valve core. Proper installation of the valve core will ensure maximum performance.
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